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Lighting is something I take very seriously when designing a room. Often considered an after thought, I like to be considering it at the same time as purchasing new furniture. Deciding on the overall feel of the room early can help!

Good lighting well positioned can make a room, create the right ambience while at the same time showing off the architectural space and pieces around.

So if you are considering the importance of the right lighting why not place a gothic table lamp or an antique rosewood table lamp, hang an antique bronze/brass chandelier, mount an antique wall sconce or antique brass candelabra?

I am always searching for lighting made from all different materials, bronze, giltwood ,Chrystal, ormolu, marble , rosewood for example.

Through years of being frustrated with the poor lampshade choice I could find, I started creating my own hand painted parchment lampshades.

These can be commissioned specifically or purchased from a small selection I have in stock.

Time needed to create a hand painted lampshade varies depending on size and quantity but can usually be done within a fortnight.

Stock is ever changing so if you can’t find what you are looking for let me know