18th Century Irish Mirrors


If you are looking for a mirror that shouts grandeur and sheer luxury, a giltwood mirror might just be the best option. Giltwood mirrors ooze classic appeal, with a timeless look and elegance that go way beyond the ordinary. The gold leaf application gives a beautiful rich golden hue making each antique mirror a highly valued piece.

The gilding work is done on a base of Gesso, which is a type of plaster prepared from finely ground chalk. This is applied on wooden surfaces in a number of layers depending on the required thickness and then cut into different designs.  A red clay ground known as bole is applied over this and spread onto the surface to ready it for the laying the gold leaf.

At Twig LTD, we have two beautiful 18th Century Irish giltwood mirrors and both are highly ornate antique gilt mirrors. These will look absolutely stunning in any decor and bring in a kind of grandeur to a setting like no other. Check out these stunning pieces on our website.

Amidst this COVID situation, TWIG LTD still remains open online and we can safely deliver any pieces to you while we urge you to stay home and safe. Visit our website to have look at some amazing antiques and art.