19th Century Carved Black Forest Bear


A home decor is incomplete without accessories. Decorative accessories are as important as the lighting fixtures and breathe life into the decor. Although the choosing of decorative accessories is often left until the end, these are the additions that add the finishing touches to a space. There is something unique about handpicked unusual decorative items and TWIG Ltd has plenty of these. At Twig we pride ourselves in offering you some very unusual and quirky pieces in all shapes and sizes that are elegant and fun.

If you are looking for a stylish eye-catching focal point for your interiors, how about something like this 19th Century Carved Wooden Black Forest Bear holding a fish in its mouth? Such statues and figurines make an interesting element in a decor theme as these add an element of interest, are often whimsical and extremely appealing at the same time.

At Twig, apart from this stunning pair, we have an amazing collection of lead statues and figurines, mercury statues, marble statues, marble figurines, marble sculptures and garden statues. Visit our website to have a look at some amazing decorative accessories.