Antique Armchairs for a Timeless Appeal


One of the simplest ways of introducing an element of timeless elegance to your seating space is by adding an elegant chair from the world of antiques. If you are a fan of antiques, there is nothing like a piece of furniture from the antique world to increase the level of elegance within your home. Antiques are desirable, fashionable and aesthetically appealing. We have a few quick ideas as to how you can experiment mixing antique armchairs with modern decor.

Skip the three-piece set to go for two armchairs that complement the colour of your sofa instead. Mix and match, when done well, can do wonders to the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Many properties have large staircase landings which are often ‘dead’ space. If it is big enough, a pair of antique chairs or a large and comfy antique armchair could turn it into a nook for reading and sipping on your cuppa. This will be the perfect quiet space in which to read.

If you are thinking of a pair, do not be too concerned about having two armchairs matching perfectly. Even if your decor theme is not eclectic, armchairs that are similar yet different can coexist happily. An armchair in the bedroom will provide you space to quickly drape clothes as well as offering a relaxing area to sit whilst getting ready. A statement piece from the world of antiques can transform a simple bedroom decor into something special.

If you have a home library, a mid-century library chair will be a perfect finishing touch. Incorporating a mid-century chair in your existing decor scheme adds another dimension to the look of the space. We have a beautiful collection of antique mahogany chairs in our collection here at Twig Ltd. There are single statement pieces, antique chair pairs, and matched sets too. Have a look at the options in our collection to get your creative ideas rolling as the options are versatile and stunning!