Antique Urns: The Perfect Subtle Beauties


Urns make fantastic garden ornaments, bringing a touch of style to your external area. But who said antique urns are meant only for the outdoors? We have a beautiful range of antique urns that can be repurposed for decorative use indoors and will look equally elegant with their classic proportions. For instance, antique urns featuring a bloom of flowers can make an impressive display that is fresh yet decorative. If you want a large display, these big urns can be the perfect focal point, whilst being stable and sturdy at the same time.

It doesn't have to be colourful flowers though, something as simple as fluffy moss can also look equally beautiful whilst adding a touch of green to the space. Smaller urns will be just perfect for displaying succulents, and a succulent overflowing from an antique urn will be an absolute attention grabber. Your entryway, staircase, or even terrace can aesthetically benefit with a pair of urns. Whether you leave them empty or have them overflowing with your favourite plant, they will look gorgeous without a doubt. Line them up, flank an entryway, create a side table out of one or have a group of them together to add an unexpected pop in your garden. The sculptural quality of antique urns makes them a wonderful addition whether they are utilised inside or outside the house.

At Twig Ltd, we have an abundant collection of antique urns in all shapes and sizes. Pairs for your interior, or big ones for the garden, the options are versatile and every piece absolutely gorgeous. Visit us to browse our wide range of options.