Beautiful Antique French Torchiere


An attractive decorative accessory and a candle stand all in one? Have a look at this beautiful 19th century French giltwood torchiere.

Torchieres have their origin somewhere in 17th century France and were commonly used before electricity was widely accessible for holding candles to provide lighting. The candles were displayed either on elaborate candelabras or lamps and the torchiere is the best example of such lamps. Torchiere literally means “torch lamp,” and features a tall metallic or wooden stand. These were initially designed as candelabras to hold up to three lights. The very first pieces were made only for a single candle and were suited for smaller rooms, and then evolved over time to hold more candles for larger rooms.

The one we currently have in our collection is highly attractive in nature and will serve as an effective decoration if you are looking for something dramatic and eye-catching. There are modern versions of the torchiere available for lighting purposes, but nothing can beat the decorative appeal of an original period piece in the home. If that is something that you are looking for, an antique torchiere is something that you must check out.

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