Bringing The Gothic and Macabre into Your Home


Books like Bram Stoker`s Dracula and Daphne du Maurier`s Rebecca are set in castles and large aristocratic homes that have a distinctly gothic and slightly terrifying look and feel to them. But at the same time such settings also have a sort of indescribable elegance and beauty to them which appeals, not to everyone, but certainly a large number of people. Gothic literature is very closely related to the gothic revival architecture of the same era. Such a refined style of architecture inspires feelings of awe and can be described as sombre and ornate.
However, do not think of this style as distinctly of a bygone era. There are ways in which one can create a gothic interior in their modern houses and apartments. One of the easiest ways to add a gothic element to your home would be to invest in some gothic styled furniture. The furniture of this style often looks like it's from an old church from the middle ages. Made of a distinctly dark coloured wood, gothic furniture adds a sense of sturdiness and decadence to whichever room it is placed in. Gothic headboards, dressers and China cabinets are very ornate and look like they are centuries old. They often have arches on them which make you feel as though they belong in an old European cathedral. Painting the walls in hues of dark colours such as black, purple and ruby with a bit of gold evoke a sense of regality and extravagance. Hanging flowers and dark vines are also a great way to accent the inner and outer walls of your home. A highly overlooked element of a gothic interior is a very dark and detailed wallpaper.
When it comes to picking curtains, sofas, bedding and tapestries, be sure to get the colours and fabrics right. Dark colours and fabrics such as silk, velvet and satin are staples in a gothic house. These are some of the elements that you can play around with to bring in a Gothic appeal to your home.