Chinese Antique Furniture


Twig Ltd has a very versatile collection of decorative pieces. The charm and allure of including antiques in a decor is always unmatched. There is something very mysterious about antiques that add to the aesthetics of the space.

Like our entire collection, our selection of decorative antiques is also very well-curated with quality items that have been handpicked by us. We have a versatile collection that includes Chinese antique furniture, 18th and 19th century Italian, Spanish and European antique furniture, French painted furniture, antique mahogany & walnut furniture, gothic style furniture, Georgian antique furniture and a lot more.

Amongst our Chinese antiques, we have two very interesting pieces in our collection. Chinese antiques are often very unique and easily identifiable. Here we have a stunning 19th century Chinese lacquered centre table.

This unusual design with carved bamboo top is supported by three individually carved Chinese figures holding the top of the table aloft on their hands. There is also a heavily carved apron to the table in between each figure and a decoratively carved stretcher below. An out and out unique piece worthy of any antique lover’s collection.

We also have this pair of extremely rare 18th century polychrome and gilt Chinese cabinets. The lacquer work is exceptionally sumptuous, with the background colour an almost chocolate brown. The colour beautifully brings out the decorative work painted on top to glow moodily and warmly on the surface. A visually appealing piece.