Craft a Cosy Reading Nook


Reading nooks have always been popular, especially with avid readers. A super comfy chair and a side table for your coffee mug is all that is required to create this perfect spot. Add style to comfort and you have a winner! Imagine a beautifully crafted space just to curl up in with your favourite bestseller! The most important part of this set up is the chair. And we have a few recommendations right here. You have rustic, you have statement pieces and you have the simple yet impactful. The common thing between each of these is comfort, which is undoubtedly one of the most important elements for a reading space:

1. Georgian mahogany wing chair, upholstered in brown leather with stud work detail. Simple, unassuming yet eye catching! All you need is a footstool in the mix to create a perfectly cosy corner.

2. Impressive Georgian mahogany wingchair. This has been freshly upholstered in a grey heavy linen and has studded details on front. A truly elegant option that will sit well in a modern home.

3. If you love to put your feet up, a large, oversized chair like this gorgeous  19th Century leather high back wing chair could be a sweet deal for you. It has a buttoned back and studded detail along the front and sides of the chair, with detail to the front-facing arm.

4. More on the rustic side of things is this 19th century R. W. Winfield rocking chair. The steel frame and original leather seat give it more of an industrial appeal. Perfect for a minimalist set up we feel.

5. The last of our recommendations is this smart 19th Century English mahogany open armchair. This offers a more formal appearance, but is still comfortable nevertheless. Freshly upholstered in a good thick linen with shallow buttoning to the back and seat. Another stunner!

Browse through and have a good look at each and every piece in our collection. We also have a wonderful variety of other antique wood furniture in our collection. Do have a look!