Create Drama and Romance With Dramatic Wall Sconces


What are the best types of lighting for an interior theme? There is task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting, which all work in creating the perfect lighting for the room. Then, there are different types of lighting fixtures available to achieve these.
Wall sconces are a great example of a light fixture that depending on how they are placed can fit in into all three categories - offering versatility and unmatched elegance to the room.
Task lighting is required for a particular task such as cooking, reading or writting. For this, wall scones can be mounted lower and closer as task lighting requires fixtures offering a more focused light source.
Ambient lighting creates overall gentle illumination in a room - subtle lighting that creates a warm atmosphere. For a room with a high ceiling wall sconces can be placed further up the wall to add to your area lighting. A single sconce can work well in a smaller room if subtly lit up.

Accent lighting creates a dramatic effect in the room. These can be used to illuminate a particular piece of artwork or as an accent all by itself. A wall sconce that is ornate makes a great decorative accessory that also illuminates the space.
Using a wall sconce or a pair of sconces in different ways depends on the placement. Appropriately positioned to achieve the lighting effect you want to achieve, these can work beautifully creating a stunning visual appeal.
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