Decorating with Hand-Painted Lampshades


Lampshades are the perfect option for your side table, whether it is in the living room or at your bedside. If you are creative about your house décor and want it to leave a mark on anyone who walks through your door, going all out on your lampshades is always a safe option.
Although there are various kinds of lampshades available to choose from, some of the best ones are hand-painted. At Twig we have a gorgeous range of lampshades, each painted loving by hand, that can bring real character to your home. From abstract designs to floral scenes and more, these creative pieces will sit beautifully in any décor theme.
As well as playing the perfect role in a colourful and vibrant room our hand-painted lampshades can also star within a minimalist theme. Neutral colours at the back of the lampshade, be it a wall or curtain, will enhance the brightness of the lamp and inject a stunning spot of colour into the room.
Lampshades are there to soften the glare from the bulb as well as spread the light around the room, but our hand-painted lampshades allow you to balance this functionality with beauty. We have a wide range of different styles in our collection, visit us in store today and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for your home.