Decorating with Mahogany Furniture: A Gorgeous Regency Mahogany Settee


Twig Ltd has a wonderful range of antiques which includes antique mahogany and walnut furniture, gothic style furniture, Georgian antique furniture and a lot more. The Mahogany furniture in our collection includes some especially gorgeous seating furniture options. These typically have a rich and classic appearance which can add a pleasant touch of elegance to any room.
Antique mahogany furniture pieces, with their classic good looks and appeal, make a great focal point and rightly so. We have recently acquired this gorgeous piece of furniture, a fine mahogany settee from the late regency era. A gorgeous and unique piece of furniture that will sit well in a modern home. This settee dates back to circa 1830s England and comes on its original castors. A truly delightful piece that will most certainly be the highlight of whatever room you choose to put it in.
At Twig Antiques & Interiors, we have such a versatile and interesting collection of antique furniture fit for contemporary homes. Visit our store to have a look at the options. Once you enter our store you will witness magical antiques and interiors that lift the spirits of all who enter. We have a wide range of pieces that will make a bold statement whatever the medium – paintings, lampshades, pots, urns, topiary or furniture.