Decorative Metal Orchid Trees


Gorgeous and exotic are the words that best describe orchids! And these metal orchid trees make a fantastic fresh inclusion into your home. Orchids can beautifully transform your interiors with the perfect combination of natural colour, soothing aura and a rich, sophisticated look. What better way to transform your living space into a delightful, warm, and welcoming one?

Presenting exotic flowers, you require something that will help you elegantly set the stage. At Twig Ltd, we have the perfect ornamental stand to display orchids attractively. This unique, branched, decorative metal structure is the perfect way of showing orchids and other potted plants in a creative way. From white to blue to deep rich purples, orchids come in a variety of stunningly beautiful colours, and this metal stand will allow you to experiment with displays as there is room for six different plants.

While our shop remains closed due to Covid 19, we are still open online and offering delivery so you can go ahead and choose your favourite decorative accessory which will be safely delivered to your doorstep. We also have a good variety of box topiary plants, topiary balls, and a collection of beautiful trees such as olive, lemon tree in a pot, dwarf Meyer lemon tree, miniature lemon trees, etc. Visit our website to have a look.