Discover a Quirky Garden Statue in Tetbury


Some of the most whimsical additions to your garden and can have the biggest stage-setting impact. As an example, have you ever thought about introducing a garden statue or two? It’s little details like these that can make your garden artistically appealing. Interesting statues or figures can instil eye-catching curiosity and, at the same time, effortlessly beautify your garden. They provide genuine points of interest – especially if they are a little on the quirky side, like our offerings at Twig of Tetbury.

By their nature, statues are decorative and, when placed in an unexpected corner of your garden, can be extremely appealing, also adding greatly to the garden’s overall design. For antique lovers and gardeners alike, our garden antique items at Twig, with their very rustic appearance, are an absolute delight! Whether they are smack in the centre of the garden or popping out from an unassuming corner, our choice of statues will never fail to charm!

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