Enhance your garden this Spring with garden antiques


Antiques are not restricted to indoors. There is a wide variety of options for creating aesthetically appealing gardens too. Gardens in the earlier times used to have classic pieces to add some character and drama to the garden. A decorative piece popping out from an unexpected corner of the garden makes it look interesting.  A large urn smack in the centre of the garden can be the instant focal point and grab the eye. An antique garden bench can look great and also provide a comfortable place to sit back and relax.
Carefully handpicked decorative  and/or functional pieces that compliment the overall look of the landscape can effortlessly add to its beauty and create a place that stands out completely giving you a private setting perfect to entertain guests or just enjoy some momentary solitude amidst the greenery.
Currently we a displaying classic cast iron and terracotta planters and also some interesting strawberry planters, stone urns, ornate decorative urns and casts of original Medici and Borghese urns for your courtyard, patio or garden. 

A fine example of an antique garden bench is this Colebrokdale style nasturtium bench

Colebrokdale style nasturtium bench

Colebrokdale style nasturtium bench


We also offer this orginal Coalbrookdale cast iron seat which is a stunning rare Coalbrookdale cast iron seat circa 1860. It has an orginal design number on it (90929) as registered in public records office 20th April 1853 as seat no. 20 in the casting catalogue of 1875.


We supply pots from far corners of the world right from France to Vietnam portraying beautifully weathered patinas will bring in a lot of character. These look like they have been around since the dawn of time! Elegant antique and contemporary sculptures, Lutyens bench, vintage heirlooms, wicker baskets are few more of the decoratives that can sit well in the garden and make it look interesting and full of impact. Browse through to have a look.