Give your Garden Personality with a Classic Urn


At Twig Antiques and Interiors, we have the perfect tools to help you weave  some classic character into your garden. Accessories such as statues, planters, sand urns can elevate the garden’s whole appearance. The versatile urn, for instance, can make a beautiful garden feature in more ways than one. The combination of that slightly aged look and a few little imperfections add to the beauty and personality of these pieces, adding a sense of history to open space like no other. Their charm is always a welcome alternative to those sleek, geometric lines typical of many modern gardens.

Cast iron urns are robust, decorative and extremely functional. You can use them to showcase a flower display, which will certainly brighten any garden. Alternatively, you could simply add a glass top to transform the urn into a pretty patio table, or even fit a bubbler into it, to create a clever little water feature. The possibilities are endless.

At Twig of Tetbury, we have some classic looking options in store for you. Check out this beautiful pair of cast iron urns. Positioned at the front entrance to your property, they’ll certainly add to your curb appeal. This pair comes with these highly unusual lion masks on either side. Here’s another pair of urns with an attractive frieze, for an eye-catching, decorative effect. This 19th-century pair will look great with some bright flowers planted inside them.

 These and many other exceptional planters, urns and garden accessories can be found in our collection of Garden Antiques. Browse through the Twig website for ideas and inspiration.