Gothic Style Furniture - Dramatic Additions!


Dramatic, full of mystery, deep and dark yet also elegant. Furniture and antiques of Gothic style are something that can help bring in a modern look to your interiors, and certainly add something eyecatching.

The modern Gothic look is very much back in fashion and many are trying to emulate this design style into their contemporary home. 

Gothic furniture has its roots in the Romanesque architectural style. This was quintessentially an ecclesiastical architectural style and was often seen in churches, cathedrals, abbeys, castles and palaces. Instances of this were also commonly seen in town and guild halls or civic buildings of the time. The style flourished in the medieval period somewhere in the late 12th century and lived through to the 16th century. 

Striking a balance between Gothic glamour and modern-day appeal can be achieved by including some classic antique decorative pieces. Dramatic is synonymous with this decor style. Dark walls, ornate details, and an intelligent mix of classic gothic furnishings along with modern pieces can help you bring the look together.

Twig Antique and Interiors is home to a classic variety of Gothic furniture. Browse through our Collection to have a look at the many choices. We also offer an interior design service if you need that little extra imagination or are seeking something really spectacular.