Interior Design Consultation Services Tetbury


Although antiques are elegant, charming and make a great focal point, blending them into the contemporary decor can be quite the challenge.
Simply adding antique pieces in amongst the decor without any thought can, instead of making a space look aesthetically appealing, make it look cluttered or not look right and miss the objective.
In the contemporary setting, the designer is creating a careful contrast between the old and new to perfectly balance out the beauty of traditional masterpieces along with the sleek charm of contemporary ones. So, to help get this balance right, what you need is an experienced eye that will capture the details and subtleties and bring out the best of both the worlds.
If you want a carefully curated space to enjoy and be proud of, Su Daybell, of Twig Antiques and Interiors has the experience and passion combined with the perfect eye for detail to mix the old and the new to create a truly eclectic space. Traditional to modern, indoors and outdoors, and anywhere in between, she can do it for you. As an artist and interior designer, Su understands the importance of correctly incorporating fine decorative pieces, furniture, and soft furnishings to bring an excellent theme together.
Twig Antiques and Interiors have a fine collection of decorative pieces. If you are looking at creating something new, or giving a facelift to your space, we can be of help to you.
Get in touch with us for our interior design service. We can arrange a site visit along with consultation to help enhance your home.