Italian Bronze Pair of Sphinx


At Twig Ltd, we always have stock of unique and unusual decorative accessories in our collection. Have a look at this stunning pair of Italian 19th-century bronze Sphinx for instance. The sphinx has had an interesting history of intrigue and secrecy. These have been viewed by different cultures as guardians of knowledge and are known to speak in riddles.

The sphinx originated in Ancient Egypt and is a mythical creature that existed in Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia. These were revered by the Western World, and still exist in the Eastern cultures as well. There is no history of living existence and have lived only in art and literature. Sphinx represents a human desire for something that is greater than themselves in terms of the mind and body.

The sphinx also embodies paradox, is alluring and beautiful and also comes through as dangerous or deadly. These are considered to be guardians of knowledge and are a threat to evil. Encountering a sphinx could also be described as destructive or confusing.

The pair of statues in our collection is certainly unusual and will make an interesting inclusion in your home with the multifaceted emotions that it depicts. Visit our website for more information about this pair.