MILLIEU Magazine - Autumn 2019


A TRIP TO TETBURY - Online article in MILLIEU Magazine.

The Garden Antiques section stars as the leading image.

"I count Long Street in the small Cotswolds’ town of Tetbury as one of my favorite destinations—not just in England, but in the world. Along this town’s street is a dense array of antiques stores and specialty shops, all of which beckon every time I walk the route. While the town was once famous, centuries ago, for its wool and yarn, all gathered from the sheep that roamed the surrounding hills, today it is one of the best destinations for antiques. The town bustles year-round with elegant country housewives and antique hunters from abroad.
Just a decade or so ago, the town was filled with lots of small antique shops that carried cheap and fun things to be had, but they slowly diminished and went out of business. In the past few years, though, as the more serious London dealers were squeezed out of central London due to rising rents, many of them have since moved to Tetbury, making it the best place to go for a day of one-stop shopping. 
Lorfords Antiques, one of the town’s mainstays, is situated in a pretty building with a garden that is filled with outdoor antiques. The owners later opened another shop called The Hangars, situated just outside Tetbury—a treasure trove of some twenty dealers where you’ll find a huge array of old Howard chairs, architectural antiques, and much else. They also have their own very good upholstery workshop housed in The Hangars, where you can go and try out their upholstery and work with the specialist there for bespoke pieces"
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