Paintings that will make a Statement


Carefully chosen paintings can add a great dash of personality to an interior decor. Portraits, abstracts, landscapes are all great. For more of a unique touch, you can seek out a painting that resonates with your passions or personality.
If you would love to have a home with dramatic decorative accessories, paintings can absolutely do the trick.
Portraits from the world of antiques can make for the most interesting of all. We currently have this fascinating pair of portraits from the 18th Century, depicting Lord Admiral Smith’s two sons. What makes these so interesting is the history surrounding it. One of the sons depicted in the portrait is of mixed-race, and a man of the Admiral’s stature so publicly celebrating having a child of colour was incredibly rare in the 18th Century. Both the pieces are completely original, untouched and in perfect condition.
Abstract paintings are another story altogether. These bold and dramatic pieces can make sense or simply just be eye candy. Take Su Trembath’s paintings for instance. They portray a sense of wild elegance and manage to invoke feelings of both calmness and excitement! In her art you will find a bold expression and a mystic style which if incorporated properly can elevate your interior to another level.
If you have an eye for dramatic and statement-making pieces, you definitely should experiment with it. We might just have something in store for you. Browse our website or visit us in person to view our full collection of paintings in Tetbury.