Pair of Antique High Back Settees


When you hear mention of antique high back settees, you may imagine big, bulky, cumbersome and awkward seats. However, the pair of 19th century mahogany high back settees we have recently added to our collection are certainly anything but.

These white antique high back settees are perfectly comfortable to sit in, have a completely modern look and are the opposite of bulky.

Modern decor? No problem.
Antique decor? No problem.
Yes, that’s right, this pair of chairs can merge and blend with any kind of décor and placing. Being a neutral colour, you don’t need to worry about the colour of the rest of the décor. They deliver all of the appeal you expect from a pair of antique settees from the 19th century. But, their versatility means they work so well in a modern setting too.

They aren’t just for show, though. These gorgeous chairs are completely functional and offer a comfortable place to sit and relax - which isn’t always the case with antique chairs!
Whether placed together or separately, they can work wonders for the look of your house, bringing a real sense of elegance to your sitting room, hallway or wherever you choose to locate them. We think they would look absolutely stunning against a backdrop featuring a dark coloured wallpaper, which will really enhance and highlight their lovely colour.

Thinking of how to enhance the look of your living room without too many changes? This pair of antique high back settees is your answer! Follow the link to have a look at this gorgeous pair.