Portraits that will make a Dramatic Feature in your Home


Portraits, we believe, always tell a story. If you are the kind who would love to have a home with dramatic decorative accessories, paintings can do the trick. Portraits from the world of antiques can make for the most interesting of all.

We have this interesting pair of portraits from the 18th Century. Each one depicts the portrait of a son of Lord Admiral Smith. What makes the pair so interesting is the history surrounding it. One of the sons depicted in the portrait is of mixed-race.

The fact that the Admiral, a respected man from 18th Century England would have celebrated a son of colour at this time is almost unheard of in our history. Both the pieces are completely original, untouched and in perfect condition.

Portraits that share a trait such as a similar colour palette, type or size, or those by the same artist often work well together whether it’s a pair of paintings or several presented together in a group. When hanged together, they can create maximum impact. The pieces in our collection are absolutely unique and will make a great addition to your decor. If you have an eye for dramatic and statement-making pieces, these are a must-have. Browse our website or visit us in person to view our full collection.