Sally Hampson’s wonderfully woven Countryside Collection


With her latest woven collection, artist and weaver, Sally Hampson, has showcased a beautiful scene from the British landscape. Sally’s most recent offering, now taking pride of place at Twig, is a masterful interpretation of her travels through the wild British countryside, transformed into unique woven textile pieces. Her Yorkshire collection makes use of natural un-dyed wool from Welsh Black Mountain and Jacob sheep, in beautiful tones of silver grey, creamy ecru, peat brown and more.
This imaginative creation is woven in Jacob wool and washed, so that it starts felting just enough to make the structure of the weave visible. And because Jacob wool has a soft open twist, this ensures that the weave retains its character after being washed. Once the fringes begin to matt together, the weave reverts back to its natural, fleece-like look.

An example from the Yorkshire Collection is this gorgeous Large Woollen Stripey Shawl, woven in 100% Pure British Wool, clipped and spun from Welsh Black Mountain and Jacob sheep fleeces. These natural un-dyed yarns are expertly woven together, to create a design that identified with the serene nature of the surrounding hills.
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