Square Terracotta Planter


From antique benches, wrought iron tables and urns to watering cans, rustic statues and stone troughs, the array of garden antiques available is wide and varied! Available at antique stores or markets, they can make a truly characterful addition to your garden. Antique aficionados and gardeners overlap ever so often and for those who love antiques, this vast array of garden antiques can be quite the treasure trove.

At Twig Ltd. we often have a range of reclaimed garden antiques in our collection. Our wide selection of carefully curated antiques allows us to cater to many different tastes and desires. Whether you’re looking for an organic and laid-back feel or a grand and stunning focal point in your garden, we’re confident we have the ideal item for you. We have many pieces that are suitable for display indoors, outdoors and both.

Take for example this beautiful Square Buff Terracotta Planter. Not only will it make a fabulous focal point in your garden but also a brilliant decorative accessory for your interior. This will make a beautiful medium of ushering the outdoor blooms into your home.

We have many more stunning pieces in our collection! Simply visit us to view our selection.