Statement-making Womad Fabrics


Our Womad fabric, part of the ethnic English collection, showcases bold and eye-catching designs, specially used for curtains, blinds and other linen. Previously these fabrics could only be printed up to a certain limit, however, you now have the option of continuous printed lengths and stunning colours. We can also offer beautiful looking matched wallpaper in the Womad fabric design to create an eye-catching décor.
While pairing these prints with other décor it’s important to have the correct balance of styles to ensure it stands out. Since Womad fabric prints are bold and beautiful, the other surrounding décor could be more subtle with pastel or nude colours. These subtle elements will let the Womad fabric prints shine and make a statement like they are intended to.
These are available in several colours and bold and unique design by our very own Su Daybell. If you are looking for any kind of fabric in Tetbury, browse our website to have a look. We also currently have wide width wallpapers featuring similar stylised motifs to go with the upholstery. Do have a look!