Su Trembath Painting


While staying at home amidst this Corona outbreak, if you are thinking of bringing in some artistic magic to your interiors, why not give a thought to paintings?

We have a fine paintings collection by Su Trembath that will add a touch of class and drama to your decor. Her artwork is such that it will invite contemplation while the bold expression and style bring mystique and excitement.
Bold statement pieces are impactful and that is exactly what Su Trembath paintings are all about. If you have a particular place in your home that needs something extra, immerse yourself in these wonderful paintings. Evoke emotion, add some dramatic effect to a room, add a great artistic painting to your interior.
Although we are unable to have you visit the shop in person (at the time of writing), we welcome a conversation! We can talk, we can video call, we can send more images. Items can be secured and stored, and can still be delivered.
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