The Pleasures of Shopping for Classical Italian Furniture


Nineteenth century Italian Furniture featured the masterful reinvention and modernisation of styles that were prevalent in previous centuries. The Rococo style, for instance, was quite popular in France and had a certain influence on Italian designs at this time.  

Italian design during the 19th century also saw revivals of Gothic and Renaissance styles. This was also the period of Oriental inspiration. And great importance was placed on craftsmanship during this time, featuring intricate work down to the finest detail.
Eighteenth century Italian furniture, meanwhile, was mostly found in the Empire and Neoclassic styles. Distinctive Baroque curves were more or less replaced by less complex, geometric design details with the colours chosen from a more neutral palette.
Ornamentation, wherever it was seen, was prominent, inspired by Greek, Roman and Egyptian styles.
Amongst our latest additions at Twig of Tetbury, we have several fine examples from the world of Italian Antiques. Have a look at this wonderful 18th Century Italian walnut cabinet with marbleised panels and top. A true Italian classic in a lovely rich walnut colour! This eighteenth century painted and gilded open armchair is the perfect option to create classic seating space with a small coffee table.  As a suggestion, its subtle colour tone also sets up the opportunity to pair it with a modern sofa.
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