Timeless Terracotta Planters


Terracotta planters have been in and out of favour for a long time. While some feel there are certain negatives when it comes to using terracotta planters, there are those who swear by them. Not only are they earthy and appealing, they are also good for your plants and an eco-friendly choice.
Their porous nature allows your plants to breathe naturally, just as they would in wild settings. If you accidentally over water, the excess water will get absorbed unlike in plastic pots. And if you forget to water your plants, if they are in clay pots they won’t dry out as quickly as they would in a plastic pot. Their ability to absorb water also adds to their character, as their colouration will often become darker after being watered.
If a weathered look is something that appeals to you, ditch the pots with faux finish for terracotta planters with a gorgeous patina. Some pots tend to get a white tinge and a mossy overgrowth which often adds to the appeal. And the best part? These planters are not only meant for your garden, but will look equally at home indoors too.
Have a look at this rustic pair of Italian Terracotta planter  from our collection. Flank your doorway, add them to the garden or keep them indoors. These will look great no matter where they are displayed! Visit us to see our complete range of garden antiques.