TWIG interior design at Fife Arms in Braemar, Scotland


Twig of Tetbury are delighted on the results of their latest project!
In this article, Twig have supplied torchieres and bronze urns with flower arrangements that are used to set a scene in this new and renovated hotel aiming for unpretentious, almost shabby elegance.
The Fife Arms, near Balmoral castle, is a world class hotel and beacon of Scottish culture and craftsmanship.
In addition, Su is involved in planning the flower decoration for the hotel launch in December and also for the Christmas period. It will be wild and natural with a bit of the unexpected and unusual thrown in.
For plenty more of this design inspiration for your home you can see our selection of urns on our website, maybe you too could place it on one of our torchieres.
The shop and website are worth a visit for items like these and many more, Su is an interior designer too, armed with the right products and the best ideas, she could add that little something you need to bring something special to your home.