Unique hand painted lamp shades


Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of home decor. Without the right kind of lighting, no room can ever be complete.
Lighting sets the mood and the feel of a space. The correct choice of lighting fixtures in a room can create the right ambience and also show off the decorative elements of a room.
Lighting does not have to be functional only, the lighting fixtures can also be decorative and beautiful, adding to the charm and elegance of a space.
Decorative lampshades are a great way of adding light to complement a theme. Not only functional, they are also charming and have a different vibe altogether.
At Twig of Tetbury we have some of the most unique and special lampshades available. The lampshades available with us are all hand painted parchment lampshades. We have a small collection with us for you to choose from and if you have anything specific in mind to suit your style or theme, it can be commissioned specifically for you.
So if you are looking for lampshades, or other decorative interiors, do browse through our website. We have options for you that will be a beautiful new accessory for your room and the unique hand painted touch adds that extra personalisation.