Where to Find Antiques and Collectibles


If you are in search of some wonderful antiques and collectibles, there are several different sources you can use. Online antique stores are becoming increasingly popular these days with most shops also selling their products on their website. So, if you know of a shop which has an online store you can begin your search from the comforts of your home. If you randomly end up on a website you’re not familiar with, it is important to check its authenticity. Websites such as LAPADA are a good place to start your search for authentic sellers.
As well as online stores, online auctions are also becoming popular these days. Online auctions remove the geographical barriers, making it easier to find unique pieces from around the world. Live auctions are always a popular option and nothing can beat the buzz of a live auction where you not only get to see and inspect the pieces but be a part of the entire bidding process. There are many auction houses that host these antique auctions.
A collection sale is one where a family auctions off its possessions through an auction house. A collection sale could be a great place to find some very unique pieces of history. It’s not unusual for a collection sale to be linked with celebrity status and held in their own homes.
There are some antique dealers' associations as well that host antique fairs which are a good place for buying antiques or at least getting to know about the different antique dealers.
These are some of the places where you might be able to find the perfect piece for you, and of course if you are looking for antiques and collectibles in Tetbury then make sure Twig Ltd is your first port of call.