Why Terracotta Planters and Urns Are a Great Choice


Terracotta or clay pots are kiln fired pots made from soil and can be either glazed or unglazed. The earthy colours of unpainted pots look very rustic and suit all kinds of gardens and orangeries very well. These pots also complement the colours of flowers and plants, effortlessly creating a perfect balance and harmony.

Even painted terracotta can have the same rustic appeal. Terracotta urns and planters are also better for the health of plants due to their natural materials and production process. Unglazed also tend to be porous in nature which helps in retaining the right amount of air and moisture required by the plants inside them. The clay material is usually quite thick which can protect the plant roots from sudden harsh weather extremes too.

Antique terracotta urns and planters are still an economical purchase. There are many different options that can suit different needs and budgets. Also available in various sizes with differing designs and ornate looks.

Further benefits of buying an older terracotta item as opposed to something new from the garden centre, is the quality and time-proven workmanship and also the wonderful effect that weather has as they age. Minerals and salts from the water and the atmosphere are absorbed changing the appearance over time.

The weathered and aged appearance of an antique planter or antique urn further adds to the rustic feel that just cannot be replicated with the materials used in modern factory reproductions.

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