Why You Should Choose Antique Mahogany Furniture


Have you ever given a thought to mahogany furniture? Mahogany furniture pieces are rich and classic in appearance and can add a pleasant touch of elegance to a room. Here we list our reasons why mahogany antiques will always be a favourite:
    • Mahogany is hard wearing and durable. Furniture pieces are usually sturdy on their feet, and you will find many antique options that are still in great shape.
    • Antique mahogany furniture is always classy and elegant looking.
    • Mahogany is known for its straight grain and lack of figure which translates into an excellent looking patina and is the perfect material for ornate carvings.
    • Cuban varieties were highly figured and are good for veneers.
    • 'Baywood' type from Honduras is also popular for its light colour and weight and is excellent for drawer linings in quality furniture.
    • Mahogany has varied colours from bleached, to medium brown, or the more common deep red-brown in colour with black specks of open grain. So you have a wide range to choose from depending on your existing colour scheme.
    • Mahogany furniture pieces can effortlessly add character to any decor, and their classic good looks and appeal make a great focal point and rightly so.
At Twig Antiques & Interiors, we hold a versatile and interesting collection of antique furniture with some mahogany examples, including this wonderful Regency Settee. We have a number of different pieces of furniture available with us which will look great in contemporary homes.
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