Importance of Choosing Suitable Home Interior Design Services

Interior design done the right way is extremely important to achieve the functionality and convenience you desire within your house. Considering the current situation, especially after the pandemic where people are spending more time in their houses rather than outside, the home should be able to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for homeowners.

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Decorating with Hand-Painted Lampshades

Lampshades are the perfect option for your side table, whether it is in the living room or at your bedside. If you are creative about your house décor and want it to leave a mark on anyone who walks through your door, going all out on your lampshades is always a safe option.

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Statement-making Womad Fabrics

Our Womad fabric, part of the ethnic English collection, showcases bold and eye-catching designs, specially used for curtains, blinds and other linen. Previously these fabrics could only be printed up to a certain limit, however, you now have the option of continuous printed lengths and stunning colours. We can also offer beautiful looking matched wallpaper in the Womad fabric design to create an eye-catching décor.

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Pair of Antique High Back Settees

When you hear mention of antique high back settees, you may imagine big, bulky, cumbersome and awkward seats. However, the pair of 19th century mahogany high back settees we have recently added to our collection are certainly anything but.

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Where to Find Antiques and Collectibles

If you are in search of some wonderful antiques and collectibles, there are several different sources you can use. Online antique stores are becoming increasingly popular these days with most shops also selling their products on their website. So, if you know of a shop which has an online store you can begin your search from the comforts of your home. If you randomly end up on a website you’re not familiar with, it is important to check its authenticity. Websites such as LAPADA are a good place to start your search for authentic sellers.

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Decorating with Mahogany Furniture: A Gorgeous Regency Mahogany Settee

Twig Ltd has a wonderful range of antiques which includes antique mahogany and walnut furniture, gothic style furniture, Georgian antique furniture and a lot more. The Mahogany furniture in our collection includes some especially gorgeous seating furniture options. These typically have a rich and classic appearance which can add a pleasant touch of elegance to any room.

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Are you Looking for Fabric in Tetbury?

What brings an interior design theme together? Many elements play their part, but the lights, the soft furnishings and the decorative accessories can make all the difference. Although smaller elements, these are vital in giving your interior décor the perfect finishing touch.

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Few Reasons Why You Should Take Home an Antique

Antiques are an alluring and lasting symbol of the historical importance of art, design and good taste. As versatile objects that are often appreciated for their visual appeal, and in some cases practically, antiques also often tell you a story about the history of design, fashion, and utility, which connects the past to the present.

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Using a Commercial Interior Designer to Transform Your Business Interior

The design of a commercial space should be such that it perfectly shows off the personality of your business. A good interior design for a commercial space calls for a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, producing something that positively reflects the tone of what you are all about.

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Paintings that will make a Statement

Carefully chosen paintings can add a great dash of personality to an interior decor. Portraits, abstracts, landscapes are all great. For more of a unique touch, you can seek out a painting that resonates with your passions or personality.
If you would love to have a home with dramatic decorative accessories, paintings can absolutely do the trick.

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Interior design services in Tetbury

It is very easy to say that it is important that a home is a reflection of its owners’ personality. But it is not always easy to actually decorate a home which is a perfect blend of aesthetics and a reflection of the taste of people who live there. If you want to have a personal touch in your home decor, but need a little assistance when it comes to creating a cohesive design, we are always happy to help!

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Bold and Breathtaking: The Womad Collection

A glimpse at the latest in our collection is this bold and beautiful Womad fabric, a unique design by Su Daybell! If you are looking for fabrics in Tetbury, Twig Ltd is the place to be!

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Beautiful Antique French Torchiere

An attractive decorative accessory and a candle stand all in one? Have a look at this beautiful 19th century French giltwood torchiere.

Torchieres have their origin somewhere in 17th century France and were commonly used before electricity was widely accessible for holding candles to provide lighting.

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Get a Glimpse into what Twig is all about

Wild yet elegant, calm yet exciting! If this is what your artsy calling is, Twig Ltd is the place to be for unique paintings in Tetbury  No one does it better than Su Trembath. Her art is all about bold expression and a mystic style that can invoke emotion and excitement at the same time!

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Corner Chairs: Ever Heard of These?

An interesting piece of furniture that has very recently entered our collection is this classic yet quirky 19th century carved mahogany corner chair. This is a wonderfully carved ornate piece featuring charming detail on the backrest of leaves and scrolls. The centre of the backrest is an inlaid armorial in wood and bone of a dragon. Other interesting details include three column supports carved like the trunk of a palm tree. The 3 cabriole legs extend the carved foliate decoration with ball and claw feet.

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Craft a Cosy Reading Nook

Reading nooks have always been popular, especially with avid readers. A super comfy chair and a side table for your coffee mug is all that is required to create this perfect spot. Add style to comfort and you have a winner! Imagine a beautifully crafted space just to curl up in with your favourite bestseller! The most important part of this set up is the chair. And we have a few recommendations right here. You have rustic, you have statement pieces and you have the simple yet impactful. The common thing between each of these is comfort, which is undoubtedly one of the most important elements for a reading space

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Timeless Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters have been in and out of favour for a long time. While some feel there are certain negatives when it comes to using terracotta planters, there are those who swear by them. Not only are they earthy and appealing, they are also good for your plants and an eco-friendly choice.

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Square Terracotta Planter

From antique benches, wrought iron tables and urns to watering cans, rustic statues and stone troughs, the array of garden antiques available is wide and varied! Available at antique stores or markets, they can make a truly characterful addition to your garden. Antique aficionados and gardeners overlap ever so often and for those who love antiques, this vast array of garden antiques can be quite the treasure trove.

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Antique Urns: The Perfect Subtle Beauties

Urns make fantastic garden ornaments, bringing a touch of style to your external area. But who said antique urns are meant only for the outdoors? We have a beautiful range of antique urns that can be repurposed for decorative use indoors and will look equally elegant with their classic proportions. For instance, antique urns featuring a bloom of flowers can make an impressive display that is fresh yet decorative. If you want a large display, these big urns can be the perfect focal point, whilst being stable and sturdy at the same time.

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Portraits that will make a Dramatic Feature in your Home

Portraits, we believe, always tell a story. If you are the kind who would love to have a home with dramatic decorative accessories, paintings can do the trick. Portraits from the world of antiques can make for the most interesting of all.

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Office Interior Design in Tetbury

Are you looking for a new office space that needs to express the feel of your company? Are you reimagining your interior? Irrespective, if you want to change the way you and your team work, at Twig we are here to help! We create a bespoke workspace that is a perfect fit-out for you while also offering high levels of comfort. Only a comfortable workplace can foster better productivity, improve working practices as well as strengthen the brand identity.

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Antique Armchairs for a Timeless Appeal

One of the simplest ways of introducing an element of timeless elegance to your seating space is by adding an elegant chair from the world of antiques. If you are a fan of antiques, there is nothing like a piece of furniture from the antique world to increase the level of elegance within your home. Antiques are desirable, fashionable and aesthetically appealing. We have a few quick ideas as to how you can experiment mixing antique armchairs with modern decor.

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Find an interior designer in Tetbury

As interior designers, we are very aware of the importance of finding the right balance between aesthetics and lifestyle when creating a practical living space that reflects the personality of our clients. Our team of designers will help create a space that is elegant, dynamic, and beautiful while being a product of creativity and passion.

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Chinese Antique Furniture

Twig Ltd has a very versatile collection of decorative pieces. The charm and allure of including antiques in a decor is always unmatched. There is something very mysterious about antiques that add to the aesthetics of the space.

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Garden Pots and Urns

Do you wish to weave some traditional magic into your garden? We suggest antique garden urns as the perfect starting point. Have a look at our collection of classic urns to get going.

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Sally Hampson’s wonderfully woven Countryside Collection

With her latest woven collection, artist and weaver, Sally Hampson, has showcased a beautiful scene from the British landscape. Sally’s most recent offering, now taking pride of place at Twig, is a masterful interpretation of her travels through the wild British countryside, transformed into unique woven textile pieces. Her Yorkshire collection makes use of natural un-dyed wool from Welsh Black Mountain and Jacob sheep, in beautiful tones of silver grey, creamy ecru, peat brown and more.

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19th Century Carved Black Forest Bear

A home decor is incomplete without accessories. Decorative accessories are as important as the lighting fixtures and breathe life into the decor. Although the choosing of decorative accessories is often left until the end, these are the additions that add the finishing touches to a space. There is something unique about handpicked unusual decorative items and TWIG Ltd has plenty of these. At Twig we pride ourselves in offering you some very unusual and quirky pieces in all shapes and sizes that are elegant and fun.

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Italian Bronze Pair of Sphinx

At Twig Ltd, we always have stock of unique and unusual decorative accessories in our collection. Have a look at this stunning pair of Italian 19th-century bronze Sphinx for instance. The sphinx has had an interesting history of intrigue and secrecy. These have been viewed by different cultures as guardians of knowledge and are known to speak in riddles.

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Eighteenth-Century Italian Commodes

We have recently acquired this stunning pair of 18th Century Italian Commodes. This gorgeous pair of Demilune matching commodes are stunning with the original paintwork and decoration still very much intact. Demilune commodes are a stunning addition to any decor and this is the kind of pair that will make a great entryway table or bedside pair too.

The name Demi Lune typically describes the short chest of drawers that has a curved or convex front and a back that is flat and goes up against the wall.

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French Ceramic Lion Candelabras

The latest in our collection from the world of antiques is this stunning pair of 19th Century, French, ceramic lion candle stands. The candle stand features an impressive design with lions standing on their hind legs climbing the turret decorated with shield, armour and climbing foliage. The detailing is intricate in a beautiful mix of colours that are still in excellent condition.

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Anemone Bowl - Something Different!

There is something to be said about unusual decorative items that easily grab the eye. TWIG Ltd pride ourselves in offering the unusual! Quirky items that come in all shapes and sizes that are elegant and fun.

If you are looking for something stylish or an eye-catching focal point in your dining room or something to dress up your centre table or window sill, we have this interesting medium-sized Anemone Bowl in our collection of miscellaneous items.

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Nineteenth Century Glazed Green Urns

The latest arrival at Twig Ltd is this pair of 19th Century Green Glazed Terracotta Urns. This stunning pair of green glazed matching urns offer a bold and elegant inclusion into a garden, a driveway, or could even be used inside the home.
This pair of 19th century terracotta urns are a vivid and stunning green colour. Gadrooned and loop handled in style and on their original pedestal bases.

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Decorative Metal Orchid Trees

Gorgeous and exotic are the words that best describe orchids! And these metal orchid trees make a fantastic fresh inclusion into your home. Orchids can beautifully transform your interiors with the perfect combination of natural colour, soothing aura and a rich, sophisticated look. What better way to transform your living space into a delightful, warm, and welcoming one?

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18th Century Irish Mirrors

If you are looking for a mirror that shouts grandeur and sheer luxury, a giltwood mirror might just be the best option. Giltwood mirrors ooze classic appeal, with a timeless look and elegance that go way beyond the ordinary. The gold leaf application gives a beautiful rich golden hue making each antique mirror a highly valued piece.

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Su Trembath Painting

While staying at home amidst this Corona outbreak, if you are thinking of bringing in some artistic magic to your interiors, why not give a thought to paintings?

We have a fine paintings collection by Su Trembath that will add a touch of class and drama to your decor. Her artwork is such that it will invite contemplation while the bold expression and style bring mystique and excitement.

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Create Drama and Romance With Dramatic Wall Sconces

What are the best types of lighting for an interior theme? There is task lighting, ambient lighting, or accent lighting, which all work in creating the perfect lighting for the room. Then, there are different types of lighting fixtures available to achieve these.
Wall sconces are a great example of a light fixture that depending on how they are placed can fit in into all three categories - offering versatility and unmatched elegance to the room.

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Add Some Timeless Elegance With an Iconic Chair

Did you know that you easily can add an air of timeless elegance to a room by adding a stunning classic armchair or two?

It might just be the answer for some design inspiration and practical inclusion. An iconic chair from the past makes the perfect statement amongst a contemporary décor. Reworked and reupholstered, these can make a great addition to the home. The chairs from the world of antiques are often quite luxurious.

How can you add an iconic chair into your decor?

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Topiary plants to dress up your garden

Looking for ways to dress up your garden? Then how about introducing topiary plants?
The topiary concept is nothing new. It’s been used in different European gardens for centuries.  From the early Roman gardens to our modern-day equivalents, these striking and versatile decorative accents have inspired many garden designers to create stunning landscapes. If you want to create a garden that stands out, a topiary plant can work wonders when upping the decorative content!

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Wrought Iron Benches For Adding a Classic Twist to Your Outdoors

Give a classic twist to your garden or outdoor space by introducing an element from the past. Many different antique garden accessories can be added to your garden for a charming effect. These will not only make an excellent focal point, but accessories like urns and benches are quite functional too. Take, for example, wrought iron benches.

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TWIG - in The Financial Times - Sunday 20th October 2019

Su gets a nice mention in a Financial Times, House & Homes article.

Luke Edward Hall: my move to the country
The FT columnist is putting his stamp on a Cotswolds home. Can this urbanite adapt to rural living?

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Discover a Quirky Garden Statue in Tetbury

Some of the most whimsical additions to your garden and can have the biggest stage-setting impact. As an example, have you ever thought about introducing a garden statue or two? It’s little details like these that can make your garden artistically appealing. Interesting statues or figures can instil eye-catching curiosity and, at the same time, effortlessly beautify your garden. They provide genuine points of interest – especially if they are a little on the quirky side, like our offerings at Twig of Tetbury.

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MILLIEU Magazine - Autumn 2019

A TRIP TO TETBURY - Online article in MILLIEU Magazine.

The Garden Antiques section stars as the leading image.

"I count Long Street in the small Cotswolds’ town of Tetbury as one of my favorite destinations—not just in England, but in the world. Along this town’s street is a dense array of antiques stores and specialty shops, all of which beckon every time I walk the route. While the town was once famous, centuries ago, for its wool and yarn, all gathered from the sheep that roamed the surrounding hills, today it is one of the best destinations for antiques. The town bustles year-round with elegant country housewives and antique hunters from abroad"

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Gothic Style Furniture - Dramatic Additions!

Dramatic, full of mystery, deep and dark yet also elegant. Furniture and antiques of Gothic style are something that can help bring in a modern look to your interiors, and certainly add something eyecatching.

The modern Gothic look is very much back in fashion and many are trying to emulate this design style into their contemporary home. 

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Antique Cast Iron Urns to Adorn Your Outdoors

Twig Antiques & Interiors is home to a good collection of garden antiques. We have a varied collection of statues and cast iron urns, terracotta planters, strawberry planters, stone urns, ornate urns, casts of original Medici and Borghese urns and more.
Pieces in our stock originate from the far corners of the world; France to Vietnam and anywhere in between. These are all one of a kind pieces and bring with them the most charming vibe with their weathered patina and classic good looks. We also have elegant antique and contemporary sculptures, a Lutyens bench, vintage heirlooms, wicker baskets and more in store for you.

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West Country Life - August 2019

Su features in an article in The West Country Life Series, a series of pieces on regional antique experts and enthusiasts. 

Published on 24th August 2019, this wonderful piece captures the journey of Su, Twig, and what has now become a well established and successful name in antiques and interior design.

Better still, experience the drama and passion, be inspired, visit Twig Antiques and Interiors in Tetbury, UK.

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Interior Design Consultation Services Tetbury

Although antiques are elegant, charming and make a great focal point, blending them into the contemporary decor can be quite the challenge.
Simply adding antique pieces in amongst the decor without any thought can, instead of making a space look aesthetically appealing, make it look cluttered or not look right and miss the objective.

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Why You Should Choose Antique Mahogany Furniture

Have you ever given a thought to mahogany furniture? Mahogany furniture pieces are rich and classic in appearance and can add a pleasant touch of elegance to a room. Here we list our reasons why mahogany antiques will always be a favourite:
    • Mahogany is hard wearing and durable. Furniture pieces are usually sturdy on their feet, and you will find many antique options that are still in great shape.

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Our most recent and exquisite item - French Painted & Gilt Settee

At Twig Antiques & Interiors, we make it our purpose to source rare, beautiful and unique items for our stock. Most recently arriving at Twig is this extraordinary French painted and gilt settee dating back to the 19th century.

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The Pleasures of Shopping for Classical Italian Furniture

Nineteenth century Italian Furniture featured the masterful reinvention and modernisation of styles that were prevalent in previous centuries. The Rococo style, for instance, was quite popular in France and had a certain influence on Italian designs at this time.  

Italian design during the 19th century also saw revivals of Gothic and Renaissance styles. This was also the period of Oriental inspiration. And great importance was placed on craftsmanship during this time, featuring intricate work down to the finest detail.

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Why Terracotta Planters and Urns Are a Great Choice

Terracotta or clay pots are kiln fired pots made from soil and can be either glazed or unglazed. The earthy colours of unpainted pots look very rustic and suit all kinds of gardens and orangeries very well. These pots also complement the colours of flowers and plants, effortlessly creating a perfect balance and harmony.

Even painted terracotta can have the same rustic appeal. Terracotta urns and planters are also better for the health of plants due to their natural materials and production process. Unglazed also tend to be porous in nature which helps in retaining the right amount of air and moisture required by the plants inside them. The clay material is usually quite thick which can protect the plant roots from sudden harsh weather extremes too.

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World of Interiors - June 2019

Twig Antiques & interiors feature in June edition of World of Interiors Magazine. 

A nice review on what makes Su unique, both in the wonderful antiques she stocks in her Tetbury Shop, but also in the interior design services she specialises in. 

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Give your Garden Personality with a Classic Urn

At Twig Antiques and Interiors, we have the perfect tools to help you weave  some classic character into your garden. Accessories such as statues, planters, sand urns can elevate the garden’s whole appearance. The versatile urn, for instance, can make a beautiful garden feature in more ways than one. The combination of that slightly aged look and a few little imperfections add to the beauty and personality of these pieces, adding a sense of history to open space like no other. Their charm is always a welcome alternative to those sleek, geometric lines typical of many modern gardens.

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Choose one of our elegant antique lanterns

There is nothing more soothing than switching off your bright day to day lights and enjoying the soft glow cast by lanterns and wall lights. And when these lanterns are antique, the effect becomes quite dramatic too.

Antique lanterns have a very regal appeal with their traditionally ornate designs and elegance. These look beautiful in a decor that tilts a little towards the traditional side.

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Antique furniture is back on trend - The Sunday Telegraph Article

Chuck out your Ikea, 'brown' furniture is back.

TWIG stars in The Sunday Telegraph - 10th February 2019!

"For years, like prophets in the wilderness, antique dealers have been heralding the return of “brown furniture” – pieces made from such dark woods as mahogany, oak, cherry and walnut – the stuff that made their fortunes in the Eighties and Nineties. This was the era of the English Country House look, when furniture, from the finest Chippendale to container-loads of dull Edwardian dining chairs, was shipped to the US every week"


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Unique hand painted lamp shades

Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of home decor. Without the right kind of lighting, no room can ever be complete.
Lighting sets the mood and the feel of a space. The correct choice of lighting fixtures in a room can create the right ambience and also show off the decorative elements of a room.

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Why Many Homeowners prefer antique brass chandeliers

There is something special about antique brass chandeliers that really draws you in.
Their traditional appeal, coupled with the luxurious elegance of the design is aesthetically appealing and changes the look and feel of your space completely.

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TWIG interior design at Fife Arms in Braemar, Scotland

Twig of Tetbury are delighted on the results of their latest project!
In this article, Twig have supplied torchieres and bronze urns with flower arrangements that are used to set a scene in this new and renovated hotel aiming for unpretentious, almost shabby elegance.
The Fife Arms, near Balmoral castle, is a world class hotel and beacon of Scottish culture and craftsmanship.

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TWIG Features in Period Living magazine Sept 2018

We at TWIG of Tetbury were included in the 'Antiques Trail' of Tetbury by Period Living magazine.
The article said 'The market town of Tetbury, set among rolling Cotswold hills, is regarded as one of the pivotal destinations for antiques buyers outside of London. With over 25 dealers the town is synonymous with high-quality furniture and decorative finds. For those in the know, the draw of Tetbury and it's a collection of specialist dealers and fabulous lifestyle independents, is something not to be bypassed.

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Add Style To Your Home With Antique Wall Lights

  No matter how beautiful your interiors are, without quality lighting it just does not feel complete. The right kind of lighting fixtures you choose can make or break your final design outcome. Hence incorporating lights in your decor correctly is very important. 

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Antique French Mirrors

Mirrors, apart from adding charm to the decor, also are of course functional. These are not only used for the mundane of the uses but also to brighten up and open up a space.

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Enhance your garden this Spring with garden antiques

Antiques are not restricted to indoors. There is a wide variety of options for creating aesthetically appealing gardens. Gardens in the earlier times used to have classic pieces to add some character and drama to the garden. A decorative piece popping out from an unexpected corner of the garden makes it look interesting.  A large urn smack in the centre of the garden can be the instant focal point and grab the eye. A period bench can look great and also provide a comfortable place to sit back and relax.

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TWIG makes it into Country Life

In a piece covering 'Tetbury's finest on parade' we at TWIG feature strongly amonst the best shops in town
We have changed our marketing mix and this article explains the new direction.

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Thursday 19 November from 12 noon
We invite you to an early preview of our Christmas stcok and enjoy a 15% discount
Christmas drinks all day
Paella from 6pm to 9pm at Cafe 53
Much more.

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Our Wallpaers Featured in ELLE Magazine

The October edition of ELLE Decoration features some of Su Daybell’s hand painted wall paper.

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As Featured in House & Gardens Magazine

Read page 121 of the Setember issue about our wonderful wall papers at TWIG of Tetbury.

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Flowers for all occasions

Flowers can bring a lot of joy. No wonder they are used to convey all sorts of emotions be it love, best wishes, celebrations or even sympathy. Whatever the occasion, it is often a beautiful bunch of colourful flowers that is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to celebrating or sharing someone’s joy or indeed sorrow.

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Homes & Gardens article March 2014

 How I became an artists and collector. Review of me and my lovely Tetbury studio and shop of beautiful floral arrangements, architectural pots, antique furniture and interior design wall papers etc

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My wallpaper hung at King's Road, London

 At a perstigious luxury interiors shop in London they have used one of my wallpaper designs in thier showroom.

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London Design Week 2014

I exhibited my designs at the Chelsea Design Centre March 2014

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Article in Sunday Telepraph

  In Deidre Dyson's Little Black Book in the 8 September Sunday Telegraph reveals TWIG as one of here secret addresses for stylish people

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Lovely large urns from Vietnam

In the gallery today: six x 4ft-high frost-proof urns with a fabulous weathered-looking patina. I saw them and pictured them in pairs flanking a front door, perhaps with an olive tree in each.

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